LETHAL WEAPON 2 is my least favorite in the series. I loathe that movie; I loathe it good. I’ll tell you why.

The second LETHAL WEAPON is about MARTIN RIGGS (MEL GIBSON) and ROGER MURTAUGH (DANNY GLOVER), two LAPD detectives who search and destroy SOUTH AFRICAN SMUGGLERS who hide behind diplomatic immunity.

In LETHAL WEAPON 2, the white smugglers are referred to as “NAZIS” (I suppose the word was used to criticize the SOUTH AFRICAN government during the time of Apartheid). RIGGS even called the smugglers “the master race,” which now sounds silly, considering MEL GIBSON’S drunken rant at a JEWISH POLICE OFFICER. The smugglers were racist and murderous, but those two traits do not make you a NAZI. Enforcing segregation doesn’t make you a NAZI, either. In order to be fully qualified as a NAZI, you have to be genocidal towards anyone who isn’t ARYAN, JEWS especially. There was evidence the smugglers hated BLACK PEOPLE, but they never said “Kill darky.” Also, SOUTH AFRICA was not NAZI GERMANY. During the time of Apartheid, more BLACKS died by other BLACKS than BLACKS by WHITES.

The movie, like present-day SOUTH AFRICA, reeks of genocidal dreaming. White SOUTH AFRIKANERS were shot dead the entire 118 minutes, but if you reversed the colors of skin, say two detectives killing nothing but black gangbangers the entire movie, LETHAL WEAPON 2 would’ve never been thrown together. Near the end of the movie, ARJEN RUDD (main bad guy) drops his gun, then tells MURTAUGH, “Diplomatic immunity.” RUDD, no longer a danger to anyone’s health, had nowhere to go. And he was weaponless. But MURTAUGH still shot him in the head anyway, and even quipped, “It’s just been revoked.” Everyone loves that line. They really, really love it. But that scene made MURTAUGH a murderer. If I am a COP, and I approach a murderous black gangbanger who drops his gun and surrenders, I do not kill the gangbanger. He’s arrested, then goes to jail. MURTAUGH was judge, jury and executioner (yes I know, ARJEN RUDD was protected by diplomatic impunity, meaning he couldn’t be arrested, but MURATAUGH still shouldn’t have killed him). Hollywood is saying, “RACISM IS BAD! KILL THE WHITE RACISTS! MURDER THEM!” Never could I make a movie demonizing young violent black men and killing them by the dozens. It would never happen. Oh, but it’s okay to kill WHITE PEOPLE. They’re the only evil PEOPLE in the world. RIIIIGGHHT.