What a corporate cuck. People like Kevin Feige need to be mowed down in a hail of brass bullet fire. How old is this guy? And his job is shilling for a comic book company? Sure, he makes obscene amounts of money just by managing the entire echelon of Marvel’s comic book empire, but it’s still just capeshit. It’s still just toys and comic books and movies bent around desperate actors pretending to be something other than whores for capitalism and coke addicts and drunks. Really, where would RDJ and Chris Evans be without Marvel? Where would Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner be?

Anyway, that’s what came to mind when I read this quote from Kevin Feige, whose last name reminds me of a disease, or a least a single-celled bacterium:

“The success of Wonder Woman is awesome, and just puts to rest the fallacy that people don’t want to see female superheroes.”

Maybe. Or maybe there was nothing else to watch and people just have to go to the movies. Maybe it’s a decent film in spite of my negativity. Maybe it’s not so much pro-feminism and it is pro-female. Maybe men are just emasculated losers. Or maybe nothing ever changed and the entire narrative that people, mostly men, are just bigots and misogynists was manufactured by liberals to sell a lie in order to sell a solution, which means they have a false agenda for promoting Wonder Woman as breaking glass ceilings. Maybe people went to see it because Gadot is a beautiful person. Maybe that’s the same reason Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman did well on television. Because men aren’t quite the bigots liberals and leftists claim, especially when an attractive woman is involved.

I wonder when people will cease lying. I wonder when they’re going to stop selling their souls at the plastic alter of crass commercialism, like Feige. I wonder when articles like this don’t have to be written because people like Kevin Feige opened his mouth for a split second, uttering a moronic statement that’s then construed into an entire article for a website whose only purpose is selling cheap copy.

I wonder.