Jurassic World 2 is getting a title and poster, or has got, as it would be, and that title, while not nearly as succinct as Lost Word was a generation ago, is somewhat indicative of where the sequel will go in terms of narrative and, with the adjoining poster, characterization. I say characterization when I mean character, and by character I mean Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by none other than Jeff Goldblum.

Anywho, here’s the poster:









Life Finds a Way. Yes it does, according to our resident chaotician, Dr. Malcolm, which is to say that life is a dynamic system with rules determined by chaos theory. Because that system is highly dynamic, outputs are not deterministic compared to inputs. F(x) = x^2 is deterministic. You put in 2, you get four. You put in 4, you get 16. Chaotic systems don’t work that way. You put in 2, you might four, but you might get something closer to five. It’s all statistical, really. And that’s why when Malcolm says life finds a way, he’s saying life, as such a system, cannot be neatly predicted. Dinosaurs may in fact evolve around the safeguards you’ve put in place to keep them from breeding. Oops.

As for Fallen Kingdom, it’s interesting but that the word kingdom here could refer to the T-Rex, as Rex means king, or it could be a biological reference to the division of animals at the kingdom level. The fact that’s it’s a fallen kingdom might mean one of two things. The T-Rex’s have evolved in such a way as to present an existential danger to the rest of the dinos, or the entire kingdom of animals is deteriorating in a way that was not predicted, which is why Ian Malcolm and his expertise was brought in.  You know, chaos.

Who knows?