Looks like fans of Judge Dredd will have to wait at least two more years before seeing the titular character on the big screen, if perhaps ever.

Speaking to the scope of the new show and how long it might take to get everything together, franchise producer Jason Kingsley stated:

“Long-form storytelling makes showing Mega-City One and its inhabitants much easier. Trying to fit all of that into a two-hour movie is very hard. My best guess is that it’s at least two years away. But we’re so early in the process that things could happen a bit faster, or much more slowly.”
It’s definitely somewhat of a letdown to hear that Judge Dredd: Mega City One is still at least two years away from reaching viewers. Nevertheless, Kingsley was quick to reveal the following:

“Dark fantasy elements are one area that would be great to explore. The show will combine the macabre with the insane and the light-hearted. It’s a big place, after all, with 400 million stories to tell.”

To me it sounds like he wants to make his own Gotham wherein Dredd plays the role of The Dark Knight, guns and motorcycles instead of batarangs and batmobiles.

I like the idea, if the budget is right and they hire the right guy for the role. I’d like for it to be Karl Urban but he probably has bigger fish to fry.

The real question I’d like answered: how are they going to balance the show’s budget with such a high demand on CGI? I know it gets cheaper every year, but still. That’s a lot of practical and special effects they’ll have to dig up for the show.