For some this news might be taken as kind of gay, as it features John Brolin working out. But I say it looks cool, because it finally puts some meat on the bones of the man who has to play steroid-case Cable in Marvel’s cinematic and comic book universe. Playing opposite Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool in the upcoming DeadPool 2, Brolin has been on the fast track to physically empathize with the character, from shaving his head to now working his biceps into a fury. Brolin took to Instagram to show off his workout regiment as he preps for the role and his arms appear to be sculpted by Rob Liefeld himself:

 “Just saw Dave Bautista at the gym and he said: “What the f*ck happened to you?!” Haha. Best compliment ever, Brolin wrote with his video. Check it out below:


My take: And just like a Rob Liefeld drawing, there are no feet in that image. Good going, Rob. You ruin everything.