At first I didn’t care much for John Wick, the first one. I didn’t appreciate the CGI blood squibs instead of practical blood spatter. And I didn’t appreciate the incessant head shots that just seemed to be too perfectly timed and coordinated. Really, if you thought the Club Fever scene in Collateral was an exaggeration of a hit-man’s possible prowess, what could one  think about an entire film filled with an indestructible boogeyman killer?

Then I changed my mind after a few viewings, or should I say, I didn’t change my mind, but I ignored my own criticisms because John Wick is a fun, uber-violent little flick, starring an ageless Keanu Reeves in the titular role as a retired hitman who is compelled back to his old ways thanks to a dead dog and purloined automobile. And so after a few re-viewings, I came to appreciate the film and what it tried to do for audiences and the main characters.

Then came John Wick 2, which is like the first but more. And that’s what you get. Nothing special, save the ending setup for John into a world of his own making thanks to a misdeed at The Continental, and an apocalyptic little I versus the Big Old Gods no one has seen since ancient Greek mythology. By that I mean John is now prey thanks to his little indiscretion, to those at the High Table, the crime lords special place of meeting. Oops.

So we’re waiting for John Wick 3 to clarify and perhaps rectify the past and put John back in his place where he should be: at home, happy with his dog.

In the meantime, while you wait, you can catch the covers for the prequel comic books that are coming out pretty soon, soon as in I don’t know when but they’ll get a write-up here, hopefully, when they do.

Check out the covers, and that snazzy cover-art linework, below: