So the news here, boiled down to a sentence: Jake Busey’s Predator reboot character is the son of Gary Busey’s character from Predator 2. See how easy that was? Can you imagine if all movie news was this short? Then they’d have nothing to post and go out of business instead of running bloated articles to fill up their website’s front end. Oooh, clickbait, I just made another ten cents.

So this new Predator film is like, what? A sequel? A prequel? A sidequel? A remake? I’ve yet to receive a proper answer.

So that’s it for this article. Oh sure, I could mention that Gary Busey’s character was killed by the Predator in Predator 2, or I could spend several hundred words theorizing on Jake Busey’s role, or I could just write filler telling you what I don’t know and write it up like actual factual information. That’s what they do ever at Screenrant, which if you think about it, is a scam for clickbait. Get a real job, guys. Mop a floor, assemble a bomb with your dick, do something worthwhile.

Having said that, I will sound off on the new reboot/sequel, whatever the fuck it is by saying that it looks like shit. It’s not just enough to have some guy in the Predator suit mowing down humans with elctro-plasma rifles and cool cutlery. You have to have an interesting angle, which was already done, which is why Predator 2 happened in Los Angeles and not back in the fucking forest. Because that scenario was done already and produced about as well as it could  have been produced. Good first movie, decent second movie, shit sequel , shittier remake/reboot/sequel. I’m betting.  In addition you have to have a good cast, which is clearly missing here with the reboot.