Stranger Things David Harbour is getting ready for the upcoming reboot for Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen wherein Harbour will play the titular hellacious character.

As you can see below in the Instagram snapshot, Harbour is getting fitted for the iconic red Right Hand of Doom


Right Hand of Doom. 😈

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The Descent director Neil Marshall will helm the next Hellboy film, officially titled Rise of the Blood Queen and scheduled for some time next year. Harbour is so far the only actor attached to the new film.

My take? A lot of people hated the idea of rebooting Hellboy instead of finishing del Toro’s third film in his trilogy, but no can but del Toro himself be blamed for that not happening. He was given a budget, and he knew how much money each film needed to make. His films fell short of those goals. No one else, save the public which might not have quite the appetite for the material, can be blamed. And let’s face it, Perlman is a bit too old to play the character in my opinion. A reboot is the only painfully logical way to go at this point. Let’s just hope the reboot doesn’t fail as well, which would end any and all attempts at adapting the material to the big screen.


What’s your take?