Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen is currently scoping a fall date for commencement of principle photography, which is great news for fans of Hellboy, even though there was, at one point talk of continuing Guillermo del Toro’s trilogy story-arc with a third and final film. When that didn’t happen, when it became clear del Toro was out and new blood was in, many fans lamented the loss of Ron Perlman as the titular Hellboy and the lack of a proper conclusion to first two films. Then Stranger Things David Barbour was cast as Hellboy, and the divide between those angered by del Toro’s departure and those excited by the prospect of yet another Hellboy franchise, grew wider.

While recently speaking with  The Wrap about the film, Harbour announced that Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen is currently set to begin filming sometime this September. The actor then went on to talk about why this particular take feels more like it has more in common with a dark character piece than a traditional superhero movie might:

“We’re supposed to go in September, I hope. It’s good. It’s a whole new thing. I’d always been a fan of the comics and there’s a darker tone to it and I think in the climate we have now there’s kind of a darker… a desire for more of that… the script is good and this guy Neil Marshall is directing who’s really good and the aesthetic is great. So often, the superhero movies can be really fun and I want this to be really fun, but I also want it to be more of a character piece and more about this dude’s struggle. I think it could be interesting. I don’t know, I just hope we make a good movie. We’ll see. You be the judge!”

My take: again, let’s see what we can do before slamming the guy, the new film, and its creators. Let’s wait for a trailer. A teaser. Something. Not that the film has much chance at the box-office anyway without mass critical appeal. And by critical, I mean critics. Let’s just wait.


What’s your take?