As anticipation builds around Disney’s new Han Solo, a prequel to the original three Star Wars, new set photos and videos that showcase the smuggler’s podcar or speeder in action, as well as an Imperial stormtrooper on patrol, have surfaced.

Instagram user David Penny posted a series of images and videos of Han Solo‘s production on his account, including looks at the pod car and some kind of Empire soldier on what looks like an old farm tractor. You can check them out at this link.

My take? I don’t buy Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo. He looks nothing like the actor Harrison Ford. And I don’t think he’ll have nearly as much natural warmth and charm as the latter, either. What I do like are the vehicles. They look ancient, like something your grandmother would have driven way back when. All squarish and hard and very metallic. Looks like they nailed the vehicle design. Now if they could just get rid of those pesky wheels. Which is another thing. Have you ever noticed that NO ONE, and I mean no one, ever drives a vehicle with wheels? Why? Is floating that much cheaper than a pair of fucking wheels? And no one even owns a bicycle? Madness, I tell you.