Who knew Han Solo was a comedian. I didn’t.

The news here is that Phil Lord and Chris Miller, of The Lego Movie and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, were fired because……they thought they were making a comedy and not a prequel film starring Alden Ehrenreich, Daniel Glover and Woody Harrelson. Whoops. Someone should have told them Star Wars is a pretty dark and serious property.

Seems differences on set between Lord, Miller and Kathleen Kennedy led to the firing, and Lord and Miller’s style of directing was labeled improvisational and comedic, so they were shown the door.

Now Ron Howard has been brought in, instead of my favorite Joe Johnston, to finish the film, even though as I explained in another article, the former is the wrong man for the job, based on his personality and his directorial style.

Regardless, Howard’s first job is to meet with actors to see what has been shot already and how best to proceed.

But I don’t get it, and I wonder if more was at work than just Lord’s and Miller’s comic sensibilities. Why where they hired and why weren’t they asked hey what kind of film do you think you’re making here? Comedy? Science fiction? Wake up already.

It’s just bizarre to me that a duo who has directed nothing but comedic films was hired for Han Solo and then they either didn’t know or weren’t told that they were making a serious film.

As for Ron Howard, I’m not writing a separate article. He’s a bad choice. He’s a swing on the pendulum in the opposite direction. Ron Howard in short just has no verve or mojo, no vim, no vigor. His movies all pretty flat and filmed like they’re being narrated from a book. It’s like swinging from Schumacher’s irreverently campy crap to Nolan’s dour sour nigrescent offerings.

Star Wars. It’s a movie series about the Jedi. And everyone knows how important is to bring balance to the force. Same goes for directorial style. Balance. There’s no balance with either Lord and Miller or with Ron Howard, and I feel this could be a huge mistake and a missed opportunity to make a truly great Han Solo prequel film.