Everyone knows what the Hall of Justice is: it’s a fictional building, based on the real-life Hall of Justice in San Francisco, if I am not mistaken, wherein all the DC comic book superheroes, well those in the Justice League, anyway, use for a base of operations. Basically, it’s their headquarter. Or as Wiipedia more succinctly says:

The Hall of Justice, or simply the Hall, is a fictional headquarters[1] appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The Hall of Justice serves as a headquarters for the Justice League.It was first introduced in the Super Friends animated series during the 1970s, and it eventually appeared in comic book titles related to the Justice League.

And I stand corrected: it was actually modeled on a still-standing train station in Cincinnati, Ohio:



Now it turns out some images have leaked, via Twitter, from the production on Justice League, leaving some to wonder if this is that Hall of Justice, or some other structure for the upcoming Zack Snyder Jusktice League film?

My take is that it’s actually likely a prop for Babe, which was filming nearby, and not a construct for the Justice League movie. I also wonder why they’d go with the headquarters from the cartoon and not the comic books. It also looks a little small and doesn’t really fit the Hall of Justice, save for the upper curved portion. In addition, the curved architectural elements don’t really match.  At best it’s a Justice League prop, but not the Hall of Justice. So more news about nothing, I guess.