It ceases to amaze me that movie news is so easily manufactured whole cloth out of nothing to sell copy and put money in the hands of lazy, greedy assholes.

Case in point: this particular news piece, which claims that Cameron Monaghan, who plays the pre-Joker character Jerome Valesky on FOX’s Gotham., wishes to play Marvel’s Venom in the upcoming reboot/remake.

First off, the actor never says he wants to play the role. Never. Never even claims he’s looking at the role for upcoming projects. He just says I had the toy when I was a kid, which was like yesterday, and it would be a dream. What would be a dream? Having the toy again? Get on Ebay, then and buy it again. Playing the character? Maybe, but he never says as much.

Here’s the actual tweet:

I had this toy as a kid. Definitely would be a dream come true. @mahpens29 @SonyPictures

— Cameron Monaghan (@cameronmonaghan) June 22, 2017

This is my fucking problem with “news” like this: it is grade-a class-a bullshit. Some actor says something on Twitter, which is usually nothing more than a few lines of text, and some asshole at Screenrant or Collider writes up an entire page regurgitating not just the tweet but the entire history of Eddie Brock and Venom and Carnage and the fact the alien in question is a symbiote and all the other useless “facts” that can be found for free on Wikipedia. And who makes the money? Places like Screenrant and assholes like some guy named Alex Ginzburg, who used to run WorstPreviews.

This whole movie news industry is a total fucking sham.