Dan Aykroyd’s a funny guy, even when he’s not, which is curious then as to why he’s in such a rut lately with the producers and creators of Paul Feig’s 2016 Ghostbusters all-female reboot. Aykroyd’s made a few claims regarding why Ghostbusters failed to connect with audiences and why it failed to make as much money as it should have. One of those claims is that there should have been more input and appearances from the originators. I assume he means Murray, Weaver, and Aykroyd himself, although they all had cameos in the reboot.

Regardless Dan’s still having trouble with the fact the film failed, and no sequel is forthcoming. He’s also questioned the money spent on key reshoots, claiming that 30 to 40 million was spent reshooting certain scenes. Odd then that he was executive producer on the movie, and should know how much was spent where. Now Sony has come in to clean up the rumors, innuendos and falsehoods by declaring just how much was spent on those pesky and perhaps damning reshoots:

“Sony has a strong relationship with Paul Feig, and we have incredible respect for his work.  The cost of reshoots were 3-4 million.” Confirmed by the studio.

Boom. Not forty, or thirty, but about a factor of ten less. One then wonders how Dan could get something so simple so wrong, and why?


My take: Aykroyd’s a moron for insisting on defending this movie, especially so long after it failed in theaters. Let it go. Yes, you invented the concept of Ghostbusters and brought it forth into the world. But you had two good movies to make your point and conception know to the world. Grow the fuck and move on already.


What’s your take?