GANGS OF NEW YORK, directed by MARTIN SCORSESE, is how movies should be made in HOLLYWOOD and abroad. The movie is a frigging masterpiece!

In GANGS OF NEW YORK, a young man named AMSTERDAM, played by LEONARDO DICAPRIO, returns to the slum neighborhood called FIVE POINTS, MANHATTAN after living at an orphanage for sixteen years. Once he’s back in familiar surroundings, AMSTERDAM meets JOHNNY SIROCCO, an old friend who is played by HENRY THOMAS (the young boy from ET: THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL). It isn’t long before both men are directed into mischief and mayhem by WILLIAM “THE BUTCHER” CUTTING, a man who leads a ruthless gang called “THE NATIVES.” As the audience knows from the onset, CUTTING killed AMSTERDAM’S FATHER in a street war, and AMSTERDAM has already planned sweet revenge that is not cold to the bone, but hotter than Megan Fox in a see-through micro-bikini. Knowing of AMSTERDAM’S plans, JOHNNY spills his guts to CUTTING. Shortly afterwards, AMSTERDAM is wounded, caught, burned with a hot knife, then set free to walk in shame. And he does—but not for long.

There is war in NEW YORK CITY! The CIVIL WAR DRAFT has angered many of the poor residents. And those residents begin destroying the city with hell’s-kitchen riots. While JENNY EVERDEANE (AMSTERDAM’S lover) attempts to flee a ravaged-by-violence city, AMSTERDAM battles BILL CUTTING to the death as everyone around him dies a glorious, agonizing, blood-spurting death. In the end…well, watch the dang movie if you want the ending!

I give GANGS OF NEW YORK a B+ for its gritty, believable atmosphere/storyline and top-notch acting.