Look, it’s one thing to see a difference between male and female capabilities and pay accordingly, but this kind of news is sickening to me, and I’m a raving sexist who is very glad he has a dick. Yes, they paid Gal Gadot 300k for her entire role in Wonder Woman, which is setting records and busting down doors and shattering glass ceilings, and all that rubbish. You’d think Wonder Woman was finally letting women vote or some bullshit.

So once again I have no quotes or stats to fill the news. I don’t know what to say. The guys at Screenrant would just fill the page with words until they felt they had enough. They’d recount numbers they merrily pulled from BOXOFFICEMOJO and Wikipedia. They’d ramble on about nothing, professionally, because they’re professional ramblers. I’m not. No one is paying. I do this for free.

So let’s talk and talk quickly. Some facts. first. Henry “Cardboard” Cavill received fourteen million for Man of Steel. Fourteen million. That’s 46 times three hundred thousand. That fucker was paid 46 times what Gal Gadot received for Wonder Woman, and Man of Steel was, and is, a total piece of trash. I’m not going to save my father, boo hoo. Maybe they don’t deserve to be saved. Wah. Breaking Zod’s neck and screaming like a bitch. I’d have saved my father, saved mankind, and have broken Zod’s fucking neck and smiled the entire time doing it. Maybe that’s because I’m a psychopath, but come on, you don’t think having those powers would make you a very generous sociopath at least? You don’t think it would appeal to your fucking huge ass vanity to be able to save the entire world not like Christ, because Christ didn’t do jack, but like people claim Christ did, but actually do something instead of getting hung dead from a cross?

So they paid her beans for a genuine massive hit and paid dickhead 46 times more for a big-budget ugly film that no one cares to ever see again. And I think that’s wrong. Whether she signed on for it or not, it’s wrong. She made those greedy fucks big bucks, because people like her as a person and like her as Wonder Woman. They should pay her more, not less because she’s somehow a dispensable female in a dispensably female role. Disgusting.