Five fresh new clips from Tom Cruise’s big-budget The Mummy reboot spectacular have appeared online. The film will relaunch the 1990’s series as a Cruise big budget vehicle, bringing the series back to an entirely new generation of potential fans. In addition. The Mummy is set to kick start-start Universal’s much -needed franchise base as the first film in the Dark Universe…..universe.

The clips are about one minute long, each, and serve to showcase either pivotal scenes or action set pieces. The first depicts Cruise stranded on a rooftop with incoming fire surrounding him. A moment of comic relief breaks the tension. In the second scene, Cruise is discussing monster creation with Russell Crowe. And the final scenes….well check them out for yourself.

You can catch them here: Screenrant.

My take? Cruise’s reboot of the Brendan Frasier trilogy looks like a win. Cruise brings enormous energy and dedication to his all films, and I while I can wait to view latest take on The Mummy franchise, I am keenly interested in seeing just what Cruise does with the material at hand.