I remember this film, in concept anyway. Why though is one thing I don’t recall. Or the plot, or what actually happened. Based on a book, but written nothing like the actual book.

Well it’s been four or more years since the first one, directed by Marc Forster and starring Brad Pitt. It’s been four years since I saw CGI zombie crowd sims run up the walls in Jerusalem. And I still can’t recall a damned thing about the film. I recall how Pitt had to move from one place to another, one after another, to escape the hordes of zombies.

Now there’s a sequel coming out.

The first one was written by Matt Carnahan and J. Michael Straczynski, and met with worldwide appeal and acclaim and provided Pitt with his highest grossing box office ever. Rottentomatoes loved it.

And I still don’t know or remember anything about it. Why?

Well, it appears David Fincher is picking up the film from JA Bayona, who left to do Jurassic World 2. Sucker. A movie about dinosaurs instead a movie about more zombies. I bet that was some kind of toss up. Do I do the CGI dinos or do I do the CGI zombies. Ooooooh, but dinos are so cute. I’ll do the dinos.

In any case, this news was hard to write because I didn’t know shit about any of it and I just wanted to finish as soon as possible. I will say this though: to hell with another World War Z movie. I played the first one to a family member and their significant other. It was a fresh new download. I used HDMI output from a computer. It looked good. It played well. I did okay. But the fucking family member didn’t care to watch it. I didn’t care to watch it. What a waste of time. I won’t make that mistake again, even if Lord High Master of Movies David Fincher’s directing.