More bullshit news. This is how rumors get started. Someone posts something and someone else, usually a loudmouth on 4chan or one of the movie news websites, takes the initiative to start a rumor based on what was posted, which then circles the earth like a disease. Here’s an example, below:




SOCIAL MEDIA: Actress Eiza Gonzalez teasing "New Uniform"Johns follow her is she DCEU Catwoman? from DC_Cinematic

Look, this women is smoking hot, no doubt, but to say she’s playing Catwoman based on the evidence is only so much conjecture mixed with outright bullshit. Is she wearing a Catwoman mask? Did she say anything in regards to being hired for such a role via Warner Bros? Nope. She wears a tight-fitting little number and some idiot at Screenrant comes up with an entire article on her playing the role. Yes, she follows Geoff Johns on Twitter and Geoff Johns follows her, and yes she was on the set of Warner Brothers recently, or at least that’s what someone claims, but just because she posts a Reddit saying “the uniform lately” doesn’t mean jack shit. Also, it should be said, that her role in Baby Driver has driven her profile up somewhat, so perhaps there is place for her in David Ayer’s upcoming Gotham City Sirens, but to say she has a role for Catwoman, just because she appears in a stunning catsuit, is preposterous. She could just as well be auditioning for her boyfriend, lucky him, or any upcoming role whatsoever. Who knows?