Edgar Wright is known for one thing, and one thing only: not being a slave to the remake/reboot industry of modern-day Hollywood. He does his own thing, even when and if it costs him his job, hence Ant-Man. Now, in an interview with Collider, the Baby Driver director discusses his next projects:

During the interview with  Collider, Wright was asked whether Grasshopper Jungle will be his next film after Baby Driver, to which he replied:

“Potentially. It’s one of a couple of things that I’m developing. It’s a book that I really enjoyed and there’s a good screenplay and stuff. The exact next thing I don’t have entirely worked out, but that is one of the things in the mix, yeah.”

Based on the hit book of the same name, the story of Grasshopper Jungle involves a young boy in rural America grappling with his feelings, while a horde of giant praying mantises take over his town. The mix of the bizarre and the poignant will be right up Wright’s alley, and he’s been developing the project since back in 2014. As Wright tells it, it’s the perfect film for him to tackle:

“The book was really good, really interesting way of doing a coming-of-age movie and I thought it was really progressive as well.”

Of course, Wright mentioned he has a few different potential projects, so Jungle might not be his next film. For awhile, he was set to work on an animated film with DreamWorks named Shadows, but it seems to have fallen by the wayside:

“Well I wrote three drafts of that, but because of the whole regime change there, most of the people that hired me and David Walliams to do it don’t work there anymore. So at the moment that’s not something that I’m necessarily attached to I think. It’s something that’s TBD.”

Finally, there’s the sci-fi horror film  Collider , which Wright and J.J. Abrams first began working on back in 2012. As with many of the auteur’s projects, they can take quite awhile to manifest. Still, Wright says it’s moving along:

“That’s another one that’s in sort of the mix. That’s something that’s really in the script stage. It’s quite an ambitious idea, it’s something we’ve been working on for quite a while.”

My take: I respect the hell out of Wright’s work ethic, even if I don’t like the film he makes. Baby Driver just isn’t a film I want to see, but I can and do respect that the man makes films out of labors of love and not necessarily for money only. Not many directors left like that as everyone has sold their souls to the comic book movie industry.