I really like THE TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, both of which were written and directed by JAMES CAMERON, but there are scenes in both movies that are completely implausible and irrational. In this post, I will list one scene from each movie that made no sense at all.

In THE TERMINATOR, SARAH CONNOR is driving a black pick-up truck while pursued relentlessly by a killer cyborg. KYLE REESE, riding shotgun, throws one pipe bomb after another at the motorcycle-straddling T-800, who is able steer clear of the pipe bombs. After KYLE is shot by the TERMINATOR, SARAH, enraged, rams the pick-up truck into the TERMINATOR, which causes the latter to crash its bike onto the ground. SARAH also loses control of her vehicle, which topples over onto its hood. Moments later, the TERMINATOR is hit by a tanker truck, which stops and the DRIVER disembarks. After the TERMINATOR surprises and disables the DRIVER, it heads for the cab of the tanker truck for purpose of taking control. Inside the tanker truck is the male PASSENGER, who doesn’t immediately see the TERMINATOR climb inside the truck. “Let’s get out of here,” the PASSENGER says, then gets the surprise of a lifetime by turning towards the TERMINATOR and getting an eyeful. I never liked this scene; it’s stupid. Here’s why: The male PASSENGER must’ve known the DRIVER hit something large with its truck. A deer. A man. A flesh-over-metal endoskeleton. Something large was hit. But the PASSENGER wants to just “get outta here.” And the PASSENGER must’ve seen the wreckage that included a toppled-over truck and motorcycle. He knew PEOPLE were hurt, but he just wanted to skedaddle. Like I said, stupid.

In TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY, JOHN CONNOR is operating a fast-moving dirt bike through what’s called “L.A. RIVER.” while chased after by a black-tow-truck-driving T-1000 (bad TERMINATOR). JOHN would’ve been crushed by the tow truck if not for the pursuing T-800 (good TERMINATOR), who grabbed JOHN by the back of his jacket and throws him onto the front of its own motorcycle. After JOHN is tucked in for the night, the T-800 fires his shotgun at the two-truck’s left tire, which causes a blowout. The T-1000 loses control. The tow truck smashes against a culvert, then is consumed by a gasoline-sparked raging fireball. JOHN and the T-800 roar through the culvert at a high speed; behind them is a quickly-expanding wall of fire. After the fire stops expanding, the T-800 does the unthinkable: He stops his bike, then removes his shotgun from an enclosure in the cycle’s frame. Once more, the T-800 stops his bike…and waits for an unstoppable foe to come waltzing out of the fire-emblazoned wreckage. Something dark emerges from the fire. Those who’ve never seen the movie think it’s the T-1000. But no, it’s not the bad guy. Only a rolling tire. I just can’t get over how dumb the scene is. Why would the T-800 stop its bike in the first place? What would it do if the T-1000 had actually walked out of the fire and proceeded to attack JOHN? Shoot the T-1000 again and again like he did at the SHOPPING MALL? The T-800 would’ve never been so careless. Right?