Thanks to APatty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, female superhero films directed by female directors is the New Big Thing, or at least that’s what I keep hearing. Now, in the afterglow of what was Wonder Woman‘s stunning success at breaking glass ceilings for female helmers, Rachel Talalay wants to direct a She-Hulk film , if Marvel ever gets around to it. Talalay is no stranger to the director’s chair, having helming Lory Petty in the 1995 cult-favorite Tank Girl, episodes of Supergirl, Flash and Doctor Who. Talalay received praise for her work in Doctor Who, having directed the season finale episodes for seasons 8, 9, and 10. She was on the rumored short list to direct Captain Marvel, though says she was never a candidate for the project.

Though Talalay won’t be involved in Captain Marvel , there will always be other Marvel movies on the horizon. The Marvel character she is most interesting in bringing to the big screen is the She-Hulk, saying she has a “strong vision” for the character. Why am I not surprised?

“The difference between She-Hulk and Hulk is that she loved being She-Hulk. She was the Tank Girl of earlier days in terms of being able to say what she wanted, and when she became She-Hulk, it was like an opening of the door to freedom, to be the person that you wish you could be. That you’re stopped from being as a woman. And that’s the version of She-Hulk that I would love to embrace.”

My take: don’t see it happening, and I am beginning to see this whole movie news circle-jerk is a just that: a means to make money off of nothing. Yeah, Talalay would like to make a She-Hulk movie, but why not pick a female superhero that has a chance of working out on the big screen? Marvel can’t even get The Incredible Hulk to work, and if they can’t do it, who the fuck can? No one. So it’s a long shot in the dark. Might as well dig deep and find a character that isn’t beset with troublesome CGI and narrative shortcomings.