DJANGO UNCHAINED, starring JAMIE FOXX, is an AMERICAN Western film written and directed by QUENTIN TARANTINO, the same man behind TRUE ROMANCE. DJANGO, a former BLACK SLAVE, roams the RACIST Deep South with DR. KING SHULTZ, a GERMAN bounty hunter, both of whom rescue DJANGO’S enslaved wife from an evil slave master. I enjoyed DJANGO UNCHAINED. It was a wonderful ride. But a short while later, I realized the movie is more gratuitous privilege for the BLACK MASSES. HOLLYWOOD has made movies where WHITE PROTAGONISTS killed BLACK PEOPLE in AFRICA, movies like BLACK HAWK DOWN and TEARS OF THE SUN, but those movies always involve WHITE PEOPLE protecting BLACK PEOPLE from other BLACK PEOPLE. If I wrote and directed a comic-bookish movie involving a WHITE MAN who avenged thousands of WHITE FARMERS raped and killed over in SOUTH AFRICA by dungeon-slaying BLACK MURDERERS, and I actually released the movie, most viewers would see the movie as WHITE SUPREMACIST material. They’d call it evil, disgusting, and a “movie that calls for the genocide of colored people!” They’d want the movie banned everywhere. Racism has been flipped, or inversed. What used to work for WHITE PEOPLE now works for DARK-SKINNED PEOPLE. And that is bullcrap!