Well, I’m glad someone is finally stepping up and offering their professional opinions on Ron Howard as director of the failed Phil Lord and Chris miller Han Solo solo project. That way I know who to blame when the piece of shit a film appears and is savaged by critics and audiences alike. What a disaster!

Recently Bob Iger, CEO of Disney,  was interviewed, and during which certain questions were put to him regarding Ron Howard on the as of yet untitled Han Solo project, the back and forth proceeded something like this:

When asked him if the film could be salvaged, Iger smiled confidently and laughed before saying, “Yes, of course. Ron Howard’s in charge. Yes, of course. Pressed for an assurance for fans that the Han Solo film is “not doomed,” Iger replied, “First of all, we have a great script, a great cast and a great director. It’ll be fine. (I’m) very excited.” When asked if he thought the film was going to be “delayed very much,” Iger replied, “I’m not going to say.”

His replies seem a little flat to me, and if I were him I would know more about the man he hired instead of saying, yes, yes, yes, what a great guy, because Ron Howard has never touched anything remotely approaching a comic book movie, and he may be an even worse choice than Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who are known primarily for their comedic films.

Howard, on the other hand is known for his rather flat and boring films like Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind, none of which are in the same genre as a Star Wars film, if you want the film to look anything at all like Han Solo’s appearances and performances in the first three Star Wars films. Disney should have gone with Joe Johnson instead, and I think their choice will either come to haunt them, or Ron Howard will churn out one of the best Star Wars movies of all time. I seriously doubt the latter.