If you were sitting around in your jammies wondering when the next installment of the The Amityville Horror would debut, you’ll have to wonder a little while longer as the release date for The Awakening has been pulled from it’s summer 2017 release date.

Based on one of the most famous “true life” (and by true life we mean a deliberate hoax invented over wine as a desperate means to generate pure hard cold cash) hauntings in American history, 1979’s The Amityville Horror has become something of a minor classic over the years, despite the films’ lack of quality or inventiveness.

Despite the aforementioned despite, between studio flicks and knock offs, eighteen, yes eighteen, films in this sub-subgenre have been produced. The 19th film in the series, The Awakening, finished filming way back in 2014, and was slated for releases dates in 2015, 2016. and 2017. Whether it ever sees the light of day is another article altogether.

Amityville: The Awakening features former Disney star Bella Thorne in the lead role. Joining her in the project are several other recognizable names, including Jennifer Jason Leigh, Once Upon a Time’s Jennifer Morrison, That70s Show’s Kurtwood Smith, and Gotham’s Cameron “Jerome Valeska” Monaghan.

Nice poster, shitty movie.

My take: what a waste of money. How many of these pieces of shit films have the made? All because the Lutzs felt compelled to make up a story about demons in the basement, or some other nonsensical shit. What a crock. No wonder Awakening keeps getting pushed back.