Great. Eli Roth’s Death Wish is pretty much finished and ready for distribution. It’s set for a fall 2017 theatrical release. Now, I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I can bet you and pretty much anyone else Eli Roth’s rebooting of Charles Bronson’s 1974 revenge flick, concerning the murder and rape of Paul Kersey’s wife and daughter,  won’t be light fare for the kiddies. Roth is better known for blood and guts films, such as The Green Inferno, Cabin Fever, and Hostel. I’d much rather see Simon West (THe Mechanic Resurrection) take on this film instead, but it’s too late. Expect and even more brutal take than Death Sentence, James Wan’s Death-inspired remake-esque flick from 2007.

Roth’s Death Wish remake features quite the loaded cast, headed up by Bruce Willis in the Paul Kersey role. Joining Willis for the ride is Vincent D’Onofrio as Frank Kersey, Paul’s brother. Investigating Kersey’s rampage of revenge will be the cop team of Dean Norris ( Breaking Bad ) as Detective Rains, and Kimberly Elise (Confirmation) as Detective Jackson. Also included in the cast are comic actor Mike Epps, and 80s mainstay Elizabeth Shue as Paul’s wife Lucy.

Death Wish will hit theaters on Wednesday, November 22, right before Thanksgiving.