A new television spot has just debuted, featuring the usual Bayhem: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and lots and lots of explosions. From the destruction of the Great Pyramids of Giza, to Bumblebee battling the Nazis, to King Arthur and his secret court of knights, the latest spot shows endless destruction, explosions and of course, transforming insectoid robots. Even what appears to be Unicron makes a very grand appearance for what I assume is a set up for the next sequel, or two.

The tease makes heavy use of the movie’s many diverse action sequences spanning centuries; one of the standouts is a series of shots from a massive medieval battle involving King Arthur (Liam Garrigan). Juxtaposing silent shots of the action with somber, minimalist background music, it creates a very ominous tone underpinning all the destruction.

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My take: it looks exceptionally grand, as do all Michael Bay productions. The colors are splendid, the pyrotechnics are top-notch and first rate, the use of CGI is exceptionally well-drawn and rendered with precision and control. The only thing missing: a story that makes much sense. How do Transformers, again, figure into human history when it was shown way back in Transformers, the first film, that they arrived in protoform from Cybertron to earth in the year 2007, or so? Will there be a time-travel aspect where we see Transformers altering time by traveling to the past? And what’s the nature of the planet-eater Unicron?

I think I would be more stoked for this film if Bay had bothered to include some logic and sense with the non-existent story. There seems to be none on display, per usual.