For the second time in so many days, Dan Aykroyd has attacked the director, Paul Feig, of the all-female 2016 Ghostbusters reboot. This time he’s attacking a lack of inclusion of the originators of the original films. In other words, why didn’t the remaining cast of the first two films not get bigger roles?

He said this to say on Facebook


I don’t get it, to be honest. He got what he wanted. He wanted an all-female reboot, and he got the special effects budget he wanted. After Murray refused to play any part in a third Ghostbusters film, and after Ramis died in 2014, what direction was left to go but a reboot, which is what I argued. I said, and I quote: “just reboot the fucker”. And they did. Instead of rebooting with a diverse cast and crew, they decided to make a film that essentially slams men, from portraying every single male character as dumb to shooting the main villain in the crotch in the final battle scene. Did they expect die-hard fans to rush out for this film? Did they expect men to pay to be insulted? Had they rebooted the original with a more balanced cast, and not slammed men, and had the film just not sucked specifically,  Aykroyd wouldn’t have to get on Facebook and Twitter, earnestly destroying what little reputation he has left.