Well isn’t that cute: Spider-man: Homecoming Star Tom Holland recently visited Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, wearing his now trademark Spider-man costume. In a new video posted by the aforementioned hospital, Holland is shown playing to a wee crowd of small people. During the visit, Holland removed his mask to show himself off, I guess, because the kids probably care about Spider-man more than Peter Parker, and Tom Holland himself even less. He’s then shown handshaking, fist-bumping, and even doing a hallway flip in earnest enthusiasm for his captive audience. One girl says Tom Holland “is really cute”. Whoa, you two, get a Spider-room.

Catch the video here:

This isn’t the first time Holland has attended hospitals for the benefit of sick children. Last year he traveled to Atlanta, where Marvel Studios films some scenes for its MCU movies, to Henrietta Egleston Hospital for Children, once again dressed up as the titular web-slinger.

My take: that’s good for the kids and all, but one, why does Spider-man have a British accent, and two, it seems to me Marvel, or Holland himself, is using these poor sick kids as promotional material, which strikes me as amoral at best, and worse….just downright disturbing.