Lol, I’m not sure what to write about this one but it looks like more destruction is headed for New York in the latest photo from onset of The Avengers 3. In the image you can see that a cab has been sliced down the back and is pretty much missing most of its structure, such as the chassis and engine. Check it out:



"Mary Lou" (ya…rrrright…) parking lot currently on Luckie St in ATL. from marvelstudios

While filming is ongoing in Atlanta, the logo on the cab is for the New York lottery which means parts of Atlanta fill function as stand-ins for New York City. Why they didn’t film in New York, I don’t know. Tax cuts? Better traffic? I assume for close-up shots of city destruction, they’ll use live-action plates, but for every thing else, CGI, so expect a lot of synthetic imagery in Avengers 3.