Sony’s all-femme recent remake reboot GhostBusters leads the pack in a number of films that have cost the state of Massachusetts forty-two million in taxes. Ghostbusters, a gloriously sexist reimagining of the classic Ivan Reitman film with a Melissa McCarthy-led cast, was filmed in several locations in 2015 under the code name “Flapjack, which might refer to McCarthy’s favorite breakfast meal.

Other films that that have cost taxpayers large swathes of Bay State  cash include 2013’s RIPD, which chronicled the tale of undead cops solving crimes, and more recent films, such as Ben Affleck’s Live By Night, The Finest Hours, and Dwayne Johnson’s rock-hard bomb Central Intelligence.

Critics of budget cuts claim that the money isn’t actually lost as it is reinvested into films that return revenue to the state, regardless of how much the films themselves lose at the box office. State legislators aren’t so sure, though, and have passed lower legislation aimed at curbing such financial waste.