The first poster for Samuel Jackson’s and Simon West’s The Blob has surfaced on the Internet for the first time. Details for the film are not forthcoming and are pretty scarce at the moment, with much doubt surrounding whether or not we will  ever see the finished film. But a new sales art poster, the one below, shows that development is alive and well on this rather secret project.

Notice how the poster resembles in may ways the first and now iconic Alien poster, with a neon green ooze flowing free of a dead, cracked orb? The Blob titling reminds me of The Fly‘s poster titling, as well, so there’s no doubt this project hearkens back to the best and the most basic in science fiction film development.

Simon West remains attached to the film, as does Samuel L. Jackson, but nothing else is known about the current state of film development, or even if the film is actually being made. Certainly a reboot is in the works, and if not this one particular take, then one eventually will appear.


My take: I like the poster’s look and feel, and think the 1988 reboot of the 1958 version remains one of the best horror classic reboots of all time, and I thought it, the 1988 version, balanced horror with humor. I’m not sure though if I like Jackson leading the film, if that is what he’s doing, and all I can think of is him saying “I am sick of all these motherfucking blobs on this motherfucking planet!”.