It’s been more than three decades since the original Blade Runner hit the screens. Harrison Ford is an old man, unfortunately. Time moves on, standing still for no one. Fans of the original film, though, haven’t let it go, and are still clamoring for the original flick as if it were a fresh, new release. Multiple cuts of Blade Runner exist, as well, so there’s no truly definitive edition although the last is considered definitive. Or maybe it’s the next to last.  I don’t know and I don’t care.

So the question comes up pretty quickly among these people who worship Blade Runner like a cult favorite film: will Blade Runner 2049 be faithful to the original? Will we see Deckard act like  Deckard? Will K, the cop played by Ryan Gosling, really fit within the world created in the 1984 movie? Will the world itself remain unchanged but evolved within the space of those years it has aged? Will some of the questions generated by the first film enjoy a final answer? Questions abide.

Now, Gosling has come forth and put an answer to some of those questions.

Gosling provided some nuggets of information regarding Blade Runner 2049 at a photocall with THR . The actor also hinted about the possibility of existing questions from the original film getting some answers.

“It’s iconic for a reason. It’s a very deep and powerful and haunting film. It leaves you with more questions than answers and, as a kid, I wasn’t used to that. I was used to things being sewn up for me. It was exciting as a fan to know that some of those questions might get answered, and to go back into that universe and explore that world and see how things evolved.”

Gosling also said Blade Runner 2049 director Villeneuve was

“so loyal to the original, but at the same time wasn’t intimidated by it.”

We will see. But doubts remain. It took a young, hungry, imaginative Ridley Scott to create the world of Blade Runner. Villeneuve merely aping it will do Gosling, and no one else,either, no good.