BETTER OFF DEAD, written and directed by SAVAGE STEVE HOLLAND, is a comedy that touched my heart more than any other.

LANE MYERS, played by JOHN CUSACK, is a high-school skier who is obsessed with BETH TRUSS, his pretty blonde girlfriend, played by AMANDA WYSS. When BETH dumps LANE for the newest, hottest skier on the slope, LANE turns to suicide, not once, not twice, but three times! While failing miserably at killing himself, LANE meets French-exchanged student, MONIQUE JUNOT, played by DIANE FRANKLIN. Before the movie is over, LANE falls in love with sweetheart MONIQUE, then beats BETH’S new boyfriend on the most dangerous ski excursion known to young Californians. If ever you decide to off yourself, watch BETTER OFF DEAD first—the movie will make you think twice.

BETTER OFF DEAD has a great story, memorable music, hilarious comedy, and lovable characters. I give the movie a B+.