I’m no fan of Stiller’s acting, and I’ve heard he’s something of a very unfunny guy in real life, but his directorial abilities are capable and assured.Now Showtime has announced an new limited series that will run about eight hours. Entitled the Escape at Dannemora, it covers the real-life 2015 escape of several inmates, and a sexual liaison with a guard who was, apparently, instrumental in helping the convicts break free. It stars Benicio del Toro, Patricia Arquette, and Paul Dano.

Stiller commented:

“We are all very intent on trying to tell this singular story in a way that shows the reality and humanity of the people involved. While the genre is a prison escape story, at its core it is a story about real people, some criminals and some not, who make some bad choices that have huge consequences. I think that’s what’s so compelling about this.”

“Ray Donovan” writers Brett Johnson and Michael Tolkin will pen the series and will also executive produce alongside Nicky Weinstock, Bryan Zuriff and Michael De Luca.The series will shoot at actual locations in Upstate New York later this year.

No premiere date has been set.