Good news for those of you wishing there were another Bad Boys film in the roster. People have been clamoring for a Bad Boys 3, usually entitled Bad Boys For Life, since the second film made $273M way back in 2003. Now Michael Bay has come forward and opined on why Bad Boys For Life needs to come together sooner rather than later.

Bay, who is getting ready to release his last Transformers film at the helm, Transformers: the Last Knight, this week, is suggesting that the powers that be need find a way to get Bad Boys for Life done while it still makes sense to make the film. He explains his reasoning to CinemaBlend:

“Pretty soon they’re going to be old boys, okay? Pretty soon they’re going to be retired cops instead of active-duty cops. It’s taken a long time to get that thing going, and I’m not involved in getting it going. They should get it going soon, though. You could definitely get Martin and Will to be funny again — those were fun movies to do.”

Michael Bay began making music videos for the likes of Styx, Tina Turner, Lionel Richie and Meatloaf.before mastering the first Bad Boys for a paltry $19M, which generated $141.4M . It then took him another eight years to get Bad Boys II off the ground and into cinemas. Fourteen years have passed, and with Lawrence at 52 and Smith pushing fifty, these guys will be either on patrol or sitting behind a desk, or retired for life.

Joe Carnahan was in the running for the sequel but has since dropped out. With The Last Knight coming to cinemas soon, and with Bay claiming it’s the last Transformers film for him, will he take the helm and film Bay Boys For Life?