BACK TO THE FUTURE is, hands down, the greatest trilogy ever made. It is something that comes around only once in a man’s lifetime.

The first BACK TO THE FUTURE is the best made in the series, but the third is my personal favorite. In BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III, MARTY MCFLY (played by MICHAEL J. FOX) is sent back in time by the 1955 DR EMMETT BROWN (played by CHRISTOPHER LLOYD) to rescue the older EMMETT BROWN, who is stuck in the wild west after the DMC DELOREAN was struck by a bolt of lightning, which caused the time machine to travel back to 1885. In the wild west, MARTY meets his great-great-grandparents, MAGGIE and SEAMUS MCFLY before he is nearly hung by BUFORD “MAD DOG” TANNEN and his gang. I say “nearly” because EMMETT BROWN saves his scrawny neck. But MARTY isn’t the only life EMMETT saves while living in 1885—CLARA CLAYTON, played by Mary Steenburgen, is also on the saving list. CLARA is a nobody; just the love of EMMETT’S life is all. While preparing the DELOREAN for a future-embarking departure, EMMETT falls in love with CLARA, MARTY saves the DOC’S life with a Frisbee, MARTY dukes it out with MAD DOG TANNEN, and the DOC once again saves CLARA’S life. If you want to know what else happens in the film, fix up your car with time-traveling components, go back in time to 1990-1991, stop by a HOLLYWOOD VIDEO or BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO, then check out the film. It is a major blast from the opening credits to the satisfying conclusion.

I give BACK TO THE FUTURE III an A- for believable acting, a wholly-original plot, and inventive, hilarious scenes.