ARMAGEDDON, starring BRUCE WILLIS and LIV TYLER, is a decent MICHAEL BAY movie. It’s better than THE ISLAND and the TRANSFORMERS MOVIES. And when it isn’t blowing up human beings with meteors, it evokes a strong love for mankind (well, sort of). The explosions are gratuitous and at times, unnecessary, like when the space station went kablooey. But one thing that really bothers me is when director BAY annihilated SHANGHAI with a large piece of asteroid. FRANCE and parts of NEW YORK CITY were also destroyed, but for unknown reasons other than to shock the audience, BAY showed viewers five different children in the CHINESE city before it was no more. One child eating…two children running past a fourth child…a fifth child with her mother…then another shot of the first child, and all in the matter of a few seconds. Then the asteroid fragment hit, and everyone watching the movie understood the five children had just succumbed to death. I don’t like the scene at all. It’s something only JOHN WAYNE GACY could appreciate.

ARMAGEDDON was criticized for its scientific inaccuracies, like the nuclear weapon blowing the TEXAS-sized asteroid in half, which causes both pieces to avoid the EARTH. According to one movie critique, the bomb would need the energy of the sun to create that much damage to the asteroid. MICHAEL BAY needed realism, so he shocked everyone with the destruction of beautiful children, but he sort of overlooked the science that could’ve made the movie more accurate. Never should anyone portray or insinuate the destruction of children onscreen. It’s not cute. It’s not cool. It’s evil and disgusting.

(yes, I am preaching again).