Mera may not be on par with Aquaman, in terms of mythological development and comic book rack interest, but that hasn’t stopped the actress playing the former role from working as hard, if not harder, than her male counterparts for the upcoming Justice League-ish prequel/spinoff//whatever Aquaman. Mera, as queen of the sea to Jason Momoa’s king of the sea, who will be making his full-screen debut later this year in Justice League, has to train just as hard and just as much, making for a difficult and strenuous workout.

In a recent interview with People, Heard’s trainer, Gunnar Peterson, revealed just how relentless her training has been, meeting four to five times a week for hours on end:

“She wanted to deliver for the character. [She trained] for a non-stop, no breaks hour with me, and then she went to her fight training, which was rigorous! Everything was athletically based. We trained movements, not muscles. Squat presses, sled work, and lots of work in a rotational plane against resistance. She is a true athlete. She was so consistent. Without her being so committed, the results would not have happened. She could not have been better! If I could bottle her drive and conviction I’d sell that as a pre-workout drink!”

 My take: it makes sense. She’s queen of the sea and thus her movement in water is much more difficult and much more demanding than movement through air, unless you are designed like a fish, and neither Mera nor Arthur Curry, Aquaman’s counterpart, look much like fish. That’s my take anyway. Good for her, otherwise. Yeah!