Alex Kurtzman, director of The Mummy, has now said that the film was meant to portray Tom Cruise in “different and interesting“ ways, which is why the movie feels so odd to so many viewers. Perhaps that explains all the negative reviews from critics and theater-goers alike. Perhaps they just didn’t enjoy the film, not because it’s “bad” but because it’s written in a way that’s not ‘narrative traditional’. Unfortunately this is the film from which all other Dark Universe films are to be born, so what’s bad for The Mummy is bad for Universal’s shared cinematic universe.

However, in an interview with Business Insider , Kurtzman has justified his motives making the monster movie. He was eager to make it both the first steps into the Dark Universe and a standalone story in itself. But he was also keen to make it a kind of anti-Cruise movie; a deconstruction of what you would normally expect from one of his films:

“We have over 30 years of knowing Tom Cruise is going to save the day, in order to make the movie unpredictable I loved the idea that suddenly his control over the situation would be taken away from him … That got me excited, it felt like it served two purposes in that it honored a key Mummy power but it also made a Tom Cruise movie feel different and interesting.”

Kurtzman continued:

“Obviously, that’s disappointing to hear,” director Alex Kurtzman told Business Insider on Thursday when hearing about the negative response from critics. “The only gauge that I really use to judge it is having just traveled around the world and hearing the audiences in the theaters. This is a movie that I think is made for audiences and in my experience, critics and audiences don’t always sing the same song.”

And finally, the oddest part:

“I’m not making movies for them,” he said of critics. “Would I love them to love it? Of course, everybody would, but that’s not really the endgame. We made a film for audiences and not critics so my great hope is they will find it and they will appreciate it.”

My take: I just wish the guy would own up to  making a bad movie and perhaps admit that he doesn’t deserve to work in Hollywood. Only then could then I accept his explanation. You know, if he were gone. What a dumb ass. As for the part aout not making movies for critics….then deal with the fall -out when their collective, entitled and lazy asses cut your movie into shreds.