Honestly, I cannot stand this guy. He’s one of the reasons Transformers 2007 was such a mess in my mind and not nearly as good as the material preceding it. He just doesn’t know how to write movies, really, and now he’s directing, which I don’t get. Regardless, Kurtzman is now on record defending The Mummy and its failure, despite it opening to mixed audience reactions and poor reviews domestically.

In an interview with THR, Kurtzman doesn’t appear worried by the reception his big-budget version of The Mummy, and whether it will affect the future of the franchise going forward. He says:

“I think that variety is going to be our good friend when it comes to the evolution of Dark Universe. You obviously want to set a somewhat consistent tone, so that people know what to expect when you see these movies, but it would be ideal for each movie to have its own identity, which is largely going to be dependent on who is directing the films and who is starring in the films. I’m really excited to see what Bill Condon does with Bride of Frankenstein.”

My take: here’s a guy with a career he doesn’t deserve. I know, he didn’t write The Mummy, but the fucker directed it, and from what I can tell that’s half the film’s failure right there. How did this guy get a career? Writing for Friends? People slave a way at jobs they hate and this parasite gets to make movies when he doesn’t even have half a brain or a quarter of an imagination.