QUESTION: Do you ever have a time to kill?

ANSWER: Unless you’re threatened with “imminent” death, or someone you know personally is threatened with “imminent” death, the TIME TO KILL other human beings should not exist. John Grisham, writer of A TIME TO KILL, must not understand this simple concept. He believes a BLACK MAN, played by SAMUEL L. JACKSON, had the right to kill two white supremacists that raped and brutalized his daughter. Reminder: The BLACK GIRL did not die. She “almost” died. I wouldn’t even call that eye for an eye (it’s sort of like killing the POLICE OFFICERS that beat up RODNEY KING). If a BLACK MAN rapes my daughter, I, a poverty-stricken citizen of the United States, do not have the right to murder anyone. The RAPIST has his trial, and if he is let off, I move to Australia or New Zealand. I DO NOT KILL THE BLACK MAN! John Grisham is basically saying, “Take the law into your own hands BLACK MAN! If the WHITE MAN rapes your daughter, kill him!” I suggest we toss A TIME TO KILL in the nearest roaring fireplace where it frigging belongs.

In the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we teach BLACK PEOPLE that revenge towards the AMERICAN PEOPLE is hunky-dory. If a WHITE MAN kills a BLACK MAN, hundreds of BLACK MEN have the right to come out of their homes to hurt, rob, and kill other AMERICANS. If a WHITE MAN rapes your BLACK DAUGHTER, and is not convicted of the crime, you have the right to kill him. And not just kill him, but get away with the murder, too. Many AMERICANS are find with these outcomes. They defend rioting and they watch A TIME TO KILL with empathy crusted around their eyeballs. But if a family member belonging to RON GOLDMAN or NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON had killed OJ SIMPSON after he was acquitted of murder, LIBERAL AMERICA would cry FOUL and RACISM. It would want the killer of OJ SIMPSON in prison or riding the lightning. If hundreds of WHITE PEOPLE were to hurt and kill BLACK PEOPLE after a BLACK COP murdered a WHITE MAN, LIBERAL AMERICA would be in an uproar. It would call all WHITE PEOPLE racist, hatemongers, and murderers. It’s okay when BLACK PEOPLE get revenge on WHITE PEOPLE. Just don’t do it to BLACK PEOPLE. Their ancestors were slaves.