MINKOWSKI hasn’t watched all of JAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR, and that is saying a lot, because MINKOWSKI will sit through just about anything, including Eight Legged Freaks starring David Arquette.  I’ve seen AVATAR a couple times—I guess because the special effects were amazing—but there are times when I wish James Cameron would refund my money and build me a time machine so I could get back the hours I lost watching a romance between a HUMAN BEING and a ten-foot, blue-skinned ALIEN who looks like a feral feline but moves unpredictably like a jack-knifing Mack truck. I’m sorry, but a MAN mating with an ALIEN does nothing for me. I personally believe AVATAR is CAMERON’S weakest film. I’ve never seen PIRANHA 2, but if I did, I bet I wouldn’t see any of the HUMANS attempting to sex it up with the man-eating FISH. Why would CAMERON think anyone would want to watch a movie about love between MAN and ALIEN? CAMERON was saying that sex between MAN and ALIEN was okay, perfectly natural, everyone can do it. He’s the voice of new AMERICA. CAMERON preached, “Breed outside your race, WHITE AMERICANS. Do it because your ANCESTORS were greedy, evil monsters who wiped out indigenous PEOPLE, similar to the HUMANS in my new movie.”