Pictured is a scene from TRANSFORMERS, directed by MICHAEL BAY. On the door are the letters T2 H8, a message that is pronounced T2…HATE. If T2 refers to the classic science-fiction epic created by JAMES CAMERON, I pity MICHAEL BAY.

I no longer watch R-rated movies, but when I did, TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY was one of my favorites. It’s a jewel you’re forced to watch a dozen times at the minimum. It’s an extravaganza of special effects, nonstop action, and rich, artistic set pieces put together by the brilliance that is JAMES CAMERON. T2 is filled with humor, heart, and passion. It’s a movie you never forget.

TRANSFORMERS is a manufactured bomb that exploded to fill theater seats. It’s a soulless, shoddy, incomprehensible moneymaker. Unlike T2, there is no real emotion in robotic TRANSFORMERS. It’s a movie about robots growling, robots fighting, and robots destroying cities. If you’ve seen one TRANSFORMERS, you’ve seen them all.

TRANSFORMERS is a paint-by-number set. T2 is a Van Gogh or a Monet. TRANSFORMERS is a PB & J sandwich you eat when you are really hungry. T2 is a fifty-dollar steak dinner served at the Butcher Shop in MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE. I just cannot believe MICHAEL BAY has hated on TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. It’s like philosophical me hating on FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE.