Rumors are bunk, and people who write them are full of shit. So when people started spreading rumors that Ben Affleck didn’t want to play Batman any longer, I knew the rumors were full of shit. They usually are. People just cannot help lying, especially on the Internet.

In any case, Batman director Matt Reeves just finished work on The War for the Planet of the Apes and naturally his time is wasted by people asking him about rumors of Ben Affleck stepping down, as if there’s nothing else to talk about. Sure makes great filler on a website, though.

In the interview, Reeves was asked about the status of The Batman and whether or not he would have Affleck’s talents at his disposal. Reeves responded:

“Yeah, right now that’s exactly what’s going on, for sure.”

That’s what’s going on right now, which means, yeah, Ben’s doing the Batfleck thing. Cool. Because we all thought bullshit we hear on the Internet should be taken for truth.

I don’t know why people, when they do these interviews, ask about rumors. If I started a rumor that Matt Reeves’ Batman would reintroduce Joel Schumacher’s batnipples, would interviewers ask interviewees such nonsense?

But it’s certainly good news that Ben Affleck isn’t going anywhere. Can you imagine the turmoil of trying to replace him? How long would that set back production? It’s not like they have some other guy on the bench waiting to take Affleck’s place.