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Apparently The new Dark Phoenix X-Men film from FOX Studios is going to be chock full of new characters. While the story for Dark Phoenix is centered on Jean Grey, there are plenty of other characters involved in the saga. There will be a number of characters returning from earlier films, but there will also be plenty of new ones showing up. The Hashtag Show just released a list of casting notices for several new characters. Check them out below:

[HIROSHI] Male, Early- Mid 20s, Japanese, brash Tokyo punk kid with an attitude. Although Hiroshi is young, he can command the attention of a room and is always ready for a fight. Must be able to speak English fluently, but open to an accent (could be Japanese, British…)…LEAD. We are looking for an actor who is actually Japanese for this role.

[SHANE]Male, 16, actor must be an adult (18 or over or legally emancipated minor), Caucasian.  A cocky, handsome kid with swagger. He is strong and doesn’t back down easily, so he can come off as an insensitive bully at times…LEAD

[COLIN] Male, 16, actor must be an adult (18 or over or legally emancipated minor),  Caucasian. Handsome, but not arrogant. Always willing to help a friend in need no matter what it costs him. Although he is sensitive, he is not a pushover and will stand up for what he believes…LEAD

[BRITTANY] Female 18 to play younger (15-17) Caucasian. Very attractive, charismatic and confident. Possibly a bit edgy with a fiery personality, Brittany is a born entertainer. Strong singing skills are a plus, but not mandatory. SUPPORTING

[REDMOND] Male, 50s-Early 60s, open to all ethnicities.  An affluent, big, stocky, ruddy American. Not necessarily fit, just physically imposing. Powerful, arrogant and blunt, Redmond is not used to being challenged and steamrolls anyone who opposes him…SUPPORTING

[LUCCA]Male, 40s-50s. Brazilian. Ruthless and cunning, will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  Must be able to speak English fluently, but can have an accent…SUPPORTING

[JACK]Male, Late 40s-Early 50s, British, open to all ethnicities. Handsome, charismatic and masculine. Jack is very self assured, almost cocky, but too cool to show it. Even in the most tense situations, he never shows fear…SUPPORTING

[LUNA]Female, Mid-Late 20s, open to all ethnicities. Beautiful, could possibly have a severe look. Luna is intense and exudes a sense of power. Although she is a commanding presence, she is also slightly unhinged….SUPPORTING

[WILLIAM]Male, Early 50s, Caucasian.  A grounded, earnest middle-aged man. William carries a heaviness and a deep sense of sadness with him…SUPPORTING

[CHARLOTTE]Female, Early-Mid 30s, Caucasian. A caring, warm mother.  Charlotte can be stern at times, but she just wants what is best for her child…SUPPORTING

[HAMILTON] Male, 12 years old, open to all ethnicities. Chubby, sweet, innocent and genuine.  Although he frequently gets picked on, he never lets it get to him …SUPPORTING

[HOOVER] Male. 30s-40s. Open to all ethnicities. A man with a very strong presence, Hoover is an incredibly smart and ultra serious intelligence officer. SUPPORTING

[SCARLET] Female. 20s. Open to all ethnicities. Very beautiful and fit. She is powerful and never backs down from an argument. Role requires a good deal of action/movement. Actresses with major dance, parkour, gymnastics or martial arts training are a huge plus. Should not be afraid of heights and must be comfortable in a wire harness. *Please note specifics of training on submission. SUPPORTING

[MARIE] Female 6 years old (to play 6 or younger). Caucasian. An old soul trapped in a little girl’s body. Marie is a strong, but conflicted child who does not like to share her feelings. There’s something a bit eerie and haunted about her. MUST be able to show a wide array of emotions with ease. SUPPORTING

Not all of these characters will be mutants, and some of them may be humans with no powers whatsoever.


My take: sounds like a bloated casting call, although it’s safe to say that even if all these characters make it into the film, not all of them will make the final cut. Some may have one or two scenes that never see the light of day. I’m just not sure if Dark Phoenix is going to be another bomb like Apocalypse, or a winner like First Class. One can argue that FOX has lost its way since Bret Ratner’s universally panned The Last Stand, and with a reboot and all-new characters popping in and out of the X-Men universe, it may provide too much for FOX to keep coherent.